Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Putting a Face On It

 Do you love spanking like I love spanking? That's what it's about, right? Loving, wanting. Pleasure. Or is it just satisfaction? Reminds me of another Stones song. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime...

The pics here are Punished Brats. Model, Mandie Rae. I love that she doesn't hold back. We get to see the mess.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who's Yer RoboDaddy?

Apparently, spanking machines are all the rage. Well, maybe not. However, in recent weeks, at least a couple bloggers have posted articles on the contraptions. I like that word and the way it's stressed. Contraption. Just right for machinery that holds naughty ones in place until they have received every last lick of their lessons.

Penny Hasler shared a glowing tribute to spanking machines, in case you thought they were cold and homely and couldn't be hot. Great insight, and some good pics too. Then you should head on over to The Spank Shop, where Aunty Andrea, while less enthusiastic about the technology, nevertheless gives us a provocative look at what might be possible.

And for those with a taste for disgrace, I've written a little tale about... yep, you guessed it. I'll apologize up front. Sometimes inspiration leads to shameful things.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Say, Yes

"Aww, did somebody get a spanking?"

"What was your first clue, jackass?"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Assume the Position

A picture I ran across recently inspires a spanko topic of the day.

Positioning of a spankee. Of vital importance. I think the posture assumed is a key psychological element of the experience. Position can in many ways be dictated by the consensual (or non-consensual) nature of the spanking, the purpose of the spanking, and the implement used for the spanking, however, an effort to get the position right pays off in any type of spanking situation.

When viewing a spanking, even without knowing the circumstances surrounding the event, position may inform or suggest to us something about the relationship between spanker and spankee. The picture above struck me in several ways, one being the question of what might be going on there. Under what circumstances might four women be stripped naked and bound over a bar with their bottoms all upturned in a neat little row? Beats me. What's the setting even? Is it staged merely for visual appeal? It's certainly not the depiction of anything I can relate to. Are they going to receive some form of corporal punishment, or is that just my own imagination getting the best of me?

I, typically, enjoy a picture that tells a story. Especially of a domestic nature. However, while this image is a mystery to me in that regard, I'm drawn to it. What I notice is the exacting position in which the four women have been placed. I'm not much of a bondage guy, but in this case the subjects have been bound into what I would consider a perfectly proper posture in preparation for a paddling. (I hope excessive alliteration isn't a punishable offense.)

Actually, the positions here closely resemble an ideal submission to that exemplar of domestic discipline, the over-the-knee spanking. There is a feeling of helplessness and humility. Heads down, bottoms up, hands secured behind the back, feet together and allowed no purchase with the floor below, the visual repetition of this strict position strengthens the form by a multiple of four, and the objectification of the four displayed bodies suggests that these women are at this moment relinquishing all ego and autonomy in order to abide their well-deserved punishments.

So, yes, I pay attention to detail when it comes to positioning, and I want to foster the appropriate feelings. The next two images illustrate what I'd consider poor and better OTK positioning. In the first above, note how the girl in trouble is practically standing over her disciplinarian's lap. Is she about to push herself up and run off undisciplined? Gosh. She could if she really wanted to. The second is better.

The spanker looks to have firmer control of the situation, and the spanking could only be improved by raising the culprit higher so that her hands and feet are suspended more hopelessly.

Take a look at this picture.

This is a naughty girl who is going nowhere until her bare bottom has been soundly spanked, and she can be put to bed blazing to consider her misbehavior.

I think I'll have more to say about assuming the position in my next entry.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Justice In a Discipline Relationship

When I started this blog, I'm not sure what I was thinking. My confusion must in part be due to poor memory, but what I'm getting at is that I've yet to decide what exactly I want it to be. A blog about spanking. Yes. But does that define things well enough? I can always just post whatever interests me at the moment. That's a legitimate approach for a blog. Right?

That may be the answer. Just write it, dude. I often make things more complicated than they need to be and, apparently, there's no stopping me. What got me thinking about this was a blog article (actually two) by Anastasia Vitsky (wonderful name, btw,) author of the blog, governingana. Ana talks about the issues relating to fairness in a discipline relationship. If you're interested, I'd encourage you to read her insights on a complex subject. Article 1 ... Article 2

So real discipline, taken seriously, makes for a complicated relationship. I'm not going to attempt to sort it out---even if I could. What got me thinking, regarding this blog, is the two-sided nature of my discipline fetish, kink, passion, fascination, whatever the hell we're calling it. This double whatever has been demonstrated in my blog. On the one side, kink. Lurid descriptions of bare red bottoms, shame and embarrassment a blush of similar vivid color. That sorta thing. Acts and rituals of spanking are a provocative drama, sights and sounds to stir the blood. When I started this blog, I think the motivation was merely to express the fetish; just allow the imagination to seek its own level of entertainment. But there's another side of spanking as discipline that Ms Vitsky has us consider, vital to her chosen lifestyle. The serious side. The reality of punishment. The fantasy for some spanksters... well, it may work best if not set too far free from the boundaries of reality. I've also tried to write here rationally about that reality, but not without the inclusion of what makes spanking pleasurable and exciting.

I think this issue of justice or fairness is an important element of compatibility between people on both the kinky and pragmatic sides of spanking used for discipline. Does fairness matter to you? For some, the sexual nature of the scene favors injustice, usually when the kink is coming from clearer sadomasochistic desires. That doesn't work so well for me. My kink is legitimate discipline. In order for something to qualify, there must be a sensible reason why punishment is deserved, and then that punishment must be measured to appropriately address the circumstances. The kinky appeal of this situation is enhanced by its legitimacy. I don't want to see a victim. The ideal is that the one punished should not feel like a victim---even if there is disagreement and much heated negotiation. When one is being punished because they deserve to be punished, and because it will be beneficial for them, the psychology is completely different. This is an appealing form of humility.

There really is another non-kinky side to this kind of discipline for me, though that's not to say a sexual-slash-romantic connection is entirely irrelevant. I'm very attracted to the platonic discipline relationship. A spanking that represents pure nurture for the benefit of the spankee is a most powerful, emotionally rewarding one. Fairness is not merely a condition to satisfy a fetish, it's the heart of the desire to nurture. If one is involved in a discipline relationship where punishment is always and ultimately a path to sexual gratification for the spankee, then regarding justice, the stakes may not be so high. When punishment is just punishment then, to the disciplinarian, there is nothing beyond the desire to be fair and just. No matter how complicated things get, if there is confidence that a disciplinarian wants only to be fair, the chances are good that the relationship can survive differences of opinion.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Age and Gender

I was thinking about spanking again. It happens. If only all these years I could have been paid for thinking about it. Even minimum wage. Starting when I was a little boy comfy and musing on his parents' couch, trying to understand why something as disagreeable as spanking could be so, I don't know... pleasantly squirmy? Just to have stuck that money in the bank along the way. Figure in compound interest and I'd be sittin' pretty. Speaking of which...

I was and am thinking about what makes for an ideal discipline scenario with regard to the ages and genders of the spanker and spankee. I know the genders matter to a lot of people because of the sexual connection to the scene. Even when it's strictly discipline, and whether it be customers for spanking sites or audiences for stories, a particular gender pairing can be a non-starter. The same can be said for age, perhaps someone considered too old for a spanking, or too young to be a credible disciplinarian. I have my own preferences, though many compete well as an ideal.

My ideal pairings match traditional corporal punishment in the home and at school. With regard to age, that translates to a younger person in big trouble with an older authority figure. With regard to gender, I'm open to any combination. After all, my involvement is indirect. The scenario must simply satisfy as discipline. However, for there to be a sexual connection, a female must be involved, if only as a tangential perspective. Fortunately for me, I still enjoy many scenes that don't match the ideal. Here we have two college girls, peers in all respects except when discipline is needed...

Here's a husband and wife. Guess who wears the pants in this house...

This couple appears close in age, but I bet the woman is not feeling like a "big girl" at the moment.

How about an old guy whipping a naked young woman? I like it. They're not going to have sex, I presume. She is simply going to be in disgrace, punished and sent to her room.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Grown Up Girls

I'm inspired by Another Country again. Quoting a quote, OldFashionedGirl says:

"Mr T says: 'In the 1950s strict mothers knew just how to deal with girls who thought they were "grown up".' Did they? Maybe they did and maybe they didn't, but the 1950s have become something of a nirvana for us spankophiles haven't they - and Benson brings them to life like nobody else."

The topic was Roger Benson drawings. What grabbed my attention were the thoughts about the era depicted. Those postwar years, through and into the rock 'n' roll sexual revolution and second wave feminism, provide potent backdrops for the kind of spanking scenes I like. In the case of strict "old-fashioned" mothers and their daughters, there was that generation clash. If a mother's will was strong enough, it was the daughter forced to surrender.

In the early postwar years, sons and daughters were obliged to more obedience than teenagers in subsequent decades as parents wielded a stronger upper hand. We can readily imagine a daughter, even into her young adulthood, subjected to traditional maternal discipline. Benson is able to capture both the powerful maternal figure and the submissive daughter, and with a strong fetish twist -- both females are presented as shapely adults with the exaggerated womanly curves typical for sex symbols of the time. The mother appears as the wholesome domestic goddess, while the daughter is often dressed as the seductress in bra and heels, her remarkably full fanny framed in garter belt and nylons. The artist draws our attention to the stark contrasts regarding traditional roles and feminism. Involving 'grown up' girls, there are special qualities inherent in the humility.

The Benson girls represent an era before my time. On the one hand, they're too glamorous for the girls I grew up with, who were more likely to be wearing boots and jeans. Pretty clothes were for formal occasions, and girls were typically girls, not statues of Venus. The Benson girls also appear quite submissive. With the cultural revolutions well underway, the teenager who tended to attract my interest was a girl with expectations not limited by previous notions of what a woman can be. The 'Sixties' were a time of radical transition, and a new backdrop on which to place the mother-daughter spanking. The themes of contrast I see in Roger Benson's work become even more vital to me as both women and children are caught in real social revolution. Furthermore, I like to imagine that postwar era and apply the relevant aspects of it to contemporary scenarios.