Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Putting a Face On It

 Do you love spanking like I love spanking? That's what it's about, right? Loving, wanting. Pleasure. Or is it just satisfaction? Reminds me of another Stones song. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime...

The pics here are Punished Brats. Model, Mandie Rae. I love that she doesn't hold back. We get to see the mess.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who's Yer RoboDaddy?

Apparently, spanking machines are all the rage. Well, maybe not. However, in recent weeks, at least a couple bloggers have posted articles on the contraptions. I like that word and the way it's stressed. Contraption. Just right for machinery that holds naughty ones in place until they have received every last lick of their lessons.

Penny Hasler shared a glowing tribute to spanking machines, in case you thought they were cold and homely and couldn't be hot. Great insight, and some good pics too. Then you should head on over to The Spank Shop, where Aunty Andrea, while less enthusiastic about the technology, nevertheless gives us a provocative look at what might be possible.

And for those with a taste for disgrace, I've written a little tale about... yep, you guessed it. I'll apologize up front. Sometimes inspiration leads to shameful things.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Just four more rehabs til lunch. Today, I'm having egg salad.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Say, Yes

"Aww, did somebody get a spanking?"

"What was your first clue, jackass?"

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Short Story: The Neighbor

This is a little story I wrote a few weeks ago (and posted at Having been inspired by something described to me in passing, it's a bit different than what I normally imagine.

The Neighbor

Tina was shocked. Her face was red.
"Well, young lady... I'm waiting."
"Stephen, you can't be serious."

He was acting bizarre.

Stephen knew he was taking a chance, but he was not about to let anything stop him from taking advantage of the situation that had been presented to him. "You better believe I'm serious. Either take your punishment right now from me, or..."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Hate Me

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by the sweet and lovely Penny Hasler. I had no idea what a Liebster Award was until last week when I saw it mentioned on her blog. Behold...

That's right, I'm an award-winning blogger. As such, there are rules to follow. For instance, like a chain-letter, I must find some blogs to nominate. I'll have to figure that out for another post, but what this all means for any readers who happen to have stumbled in here is that this post is not about the exciting world of spanking, but rather about the obscure and vagabond author of this here blog. What follows, class, is not required reading. You may leave early now to pursue meaningful use of time.

The ritual begins with 11 facts about myself. Let us start with number one...

1. TFD is carbon-based.

I could happily keep this as impersonal as that, but if someone were to actually take the time to read my 11 facts, I guess I gotta do better.

2. In the year 1975, TFD conducted a single man march on Sacramento, California to protest the senseless slaughter of the Mediterranean fruit fly.

I could list silly made-up stuff like that. What tickles me about this one is that I was young in the 60's and 70's and, at heart, part of the social and political revolutions of the time. My activism history was actually limited to a march on CBS to protest the cancelling of the TV show, Lou Grant. I happened to live near the studios, and I liked that damned show.

Right on, Brotha. We shall overcome!

Okay, take a deep breath...

3. My favorite sport is basketball.

Oh my God. I feel naked.

4. My middle name begins with 'E'. This is also true for many members of my family.

5. Speaking of God, I'm not an atheist only because it's too much to make the commitment.

I respect that religion does good works and nurtures folks spiritually and whatever, but I'm too much a rationalist to just believe stuff. I'm more often annoyed with organized religion and thinking, get your nose outta there, and shut the fuck up.

6. Wow, I had no intention of revealing so much. That last one might be offensive to some people, but I'm not one who likes to offend. In my mundane existence outside this blog, I believe I'm thought of as easy-going, non-confrontational, tolerant, and non-threatening. Wallflower. Or not the ball o' fire you've come to expect here. Sorry folks, the wizard has stepped out from behind his curtain.

7. My favorite number is seven. Isn't it odd that people have favorite numbers? And I really like 45. It's crazy.

8. I like romantic walks on the beach.

Isn't that lame? Who without gills doesn't like a romantic walk on the beach?

Only 3 to go. Where's that bottle of Gatorade?

9. I see only a handful of movies a year, watch no TV dramas, and read very little contemporary fiction. I used to be more tuned into pop-culture. I'd like to read more contemporary fiction.

10. I've always loved music. At the age of 15, while held prisoner in a dreary boarding school, my only spiritual nourishment was a few albums by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. I have no idea where those records are today. Haven't heard that group in decades.

11. I don't understand why the otherwise wise Liebsters picked eleven for the number of facts. Now if I was administering stripes of the cane, hypothetically, of course, ten or a dozen would be nice and tidy. Eleven makes me uncomfortable.

Penny sent me 11 questions to answer...

1. What is your most relaxing place?
Going out on a limb (not a relaxing place), I'd say bed. Even thinking about bed is soothing.

2. At what age did you give or get your first spanking?
My first got, very young. Maybe I repressed it. The first one I gave, I was 24.

3. What was the last thing you went to a fancy dress party as?
Hmmm, this is hard. A fancy dress party wearing a costume. Not on my typical social calendar. Way back, I'm going to go with Cowboy. About the equivalent of Roy Rogers dressing as the Tooth Fairy.

4. Is there a piece of music or a scene in a film guaranteed to make you cry?
Lots of music if my head's in the right place. Film: a dog dying.

5. Do you ever look at complete strangers and imagine them in a kinky situation?

6. What one foodstuff tree would you want to find on a desert island?
A pasta and cheese tree, with fat garlic chickens roosting in the branches.

7. If you could go back in time to your schooldays, but have them in the sort of harsh school common in kinky fiction, and with your adult mind, would you?
No. Been there, done that...well, not exactly kinky fiction style. I like fantasy, but I hate authority.

8. Ever locked yourself out and broken into your own house?
Not that I remember.

9. Which would you rather win: a trip into space or a spanking machine?
Spanking machine. Are those penalties or prizes? "To the moon, Alice!" :)

10. What was the worst job you ever had?
Factory. The repetition was like death.

11. How would you describe yourself in one word?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Assume the Position

A picture I ran across recently inspires a spanko topic of the day.

Positioning of a spankee. Of vital importance. I think the posture assumed is a key psychological element of the experience. Position can in many ways be dictated by the consensual (or non-consensual) nature of the spanking, the purpose of the spanking, and the implement used for the spanking, however, an effort to get the position right pays off in any type of spanking situation.

When viewing a spanking, even without knowing the circumstances surrounding the event, position may inform or suggest to us something about the relationship between spanker and spankee. The picture above struck me in several ways, one being the question of what might be going on there. Under what circumstances might four women be stripped naked and bound over a bar with their bottoms all upturned in a neat little row? Beats me. What's the setting even? Is it staged merely for visual appeal? It's certainly not the depiction of anything I can relate to. Are they going to receive some form of corporal punishment, or is that just my own imagination getting the best of me?

I, typically, enjoy a picture that tells a story. Especially of a domestic nature. However, while this image is a mystery to me in that regard, I'm drawn to it. What I notice is the exacting position in which the four women have been placed. I'm not much of a bondage guy, but in this case the subjects have been bound into what I would consider a perfectly proper posture in preparation for a paddling. (I hope excessive alliteration isn't a punishable offense.)

Actually, the positions here closely resemble an ideal submission to that exemplar of domestic discipline, the over-the-knee spanking. There is a feeling of helplessness and humility. Heads down, bottoms up, hands secured behind the back, feet together and allowed no purchase with the floor below, the visual repetition of this strict position strengthens the form by a multiple of four, and the objectification of the four displayed bodies suggests that these women are at this moment relinquishing all ego and autonomy in order to abide their well-deserved punishments.

So, yes, I pay attention to detail when it comes to positioning, and I want to foster the appropriate feelings. The next two images illustrate what I'd consider poor and better OTK positioning. In the first above, note how the girl in trouble is practically standing over her disciplinarian's lap. Is she about to push herself up and run off undisciplined? Gosh. She could if she really wanted to. The second is better.

The spanker looks to have firmer control of the situation, and the spanking could only be improved by raising the culprit higher so that her hands and feet are suspended more hopelessly.

Take a look at this picture.

This is a naughty girl who is going nowhere until her bare bottom has been soundly spanked, and she can be put to bed blazing to consider her misbehavior.

I think I'll have more to say about assuming the position in my next entry.